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What are the top 100 most popular websites?

Top Three Websites (Monthly visits):

  • Google: 92.5 billion

  • YouTube: 34.6 billion

  • Facebook: 25.5 billion

Top Trending Online Courses. 1 1. Data Science. Study programs in data science typically focus on big data analytics, data visualization, statistics, and predictive analytics. The ... 2 2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 3 3. Big Data. 4 4. Business Intelligence. 5 5. Cloud Computing. More items

Here are some ideas from popular courses on Udemy to get inspired: Programming & Development: Programming Languages, Python, Javascript, C++, Web Development, Game Development, Coding etc.

Looking at it from the students perspective, they would choose your course if: They want to learn from a person who they can trust and has got experience or is an authority in the field. They want to have access to information that is easy to digest and follow. They want to have a clear outcome in what they can get out from it.

There are 4.4 billion internet users and more than 327 million internet users are from North America alone.


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